The future in anti-zombie compounds?

For quick foraging getaways?






The Zombie Apocalypse! Just by you reading this I am sure you’ve heard of it. Movies have been made, books have been written, (Mel Brooks’ son Max is the author of The Zombie Survival Guide), and t-shirts sold! I must begin by stating that this is not an endorsement or advertising for any products mentioned.

I actually thought about this while I was watching the commercial for the 2017 Nissan Rouge, you know, the one that claims you could survive an attack from the Galactic Empire.  Hype yes, but very dramatic.  It plays on our imagination, our desire to be in that world, and lets us be the hero of the story.  Of course, that is fantasy.

In films like Shaun of the Dead, the group is forced to leave their homes and seek a survivable shelter, such as the Winchester.  Who wouldn’t want to relax with a good pint while the rest of the world – well some of the world – is being devoured?  But there’s no power, no way to keep things going, you didn’t plan properly.

This gives us a plan.

The classic Night of the Living Dead saw people trying to run to a truck and be eaten.  No more worrying about that. Because we are in the habit of pulling into the garage to charge up it is always safe and waiting for us.

Even if you live in Florida you can still use the hurricane shutter because the AC can still run.

While the ZA is a fantasy all this technology is real! We could survive!  We can battle the walking dead with the driving living! We can actually cook the food in an oven, not on a fire that risks us going outdoors!  We can craft ammunition on a hotplate! (Although I still like the crossbow)

But it’s not just for zombies. This puts those that would create tyranny with fossil fuel – The Humungus (The Road Warrior), Aunty Entity (Beyond Thunderdome), and The People Eater (Mad Max: Fury Road) out of business.

So bring on the Zombies and the gas hoarders! Bring on the… wait… um…what was that about launch codes?

Ooooh, nuclear winter.

Optional accessories?


Space X Mars?


 I may have to give this a little more thought. Um, Elon