The mission of Silver Screen Paradise is to excite, educate, and engage fans of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy in a fun environment through film screenings, interactive exhibits, educational programs, and public events.


Build a foundational resource where every person can explore his/her own unique storytelling voice through a tangible appreciation of the motion arts of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy.


Our plan is to expose patrons to the art, craft, and history of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy and to educate all fans about the power of visual story.

The process of fulfilling our mission begins with spreading the word and developing opportunities to connect with fans of these highly stylized genres. We will be creating original blogs, videos and sharing content from sources that match our mission statement to connect with those who share our passion.


Silver Screen Paradise’s purpose is sharing our love for the storytelling mediums of film and television. We are devoted to presenting information on motion arts creation, appreciation, and preservation. Our focus is on the moments and objects that carry our imaginations to the universes created for the screen.

Bringing a portion of those universes to life, being a resource for fans looking to enhance their knowledge, and aiding those seeking a unique storytelling voice is why Silver Screen Paradise was conceived.