Our Mission: The Museum In Three Acts

Our Objective

“My friends, I address you all tonight as you truly are; wizards, mermaids, travelers, adventurers, magicians… Come and dream with me.”
—Georges Méliès


Our museum may be built with a brick and mortar foundation, but filled with the creative minds of people who love film and television. We will offer a venue where our fellow fans of the Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy genres can partake in a celebration of the universes created in these genres.   The fans we speak of are as diverse as the medium of film and television.

Our mission to build a tangible appreciation for visual storytelling also extends to more than just the fan of these genres.  Movies and television as a whole have the power to transport us to places that look and feel like home if just a little off center.  They make us laugh, cry, ponder, and even hide for awhile but emerge a bit more thoughtful of who we are and our place in the world.  Silver Screen Paradise will be a resource on presentation, preservation, and education for those looking to experience the power of visual storytelling up close, no matter what the genre.

The Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Museum will be a venue dedicated to displaying and demonstrating the art, craft, and history of these highly stylized genres in film and television and we intend to achieve this goal with the classic three act structure.


A museum’s backbone is built on donations and generating the funds needed to fulfill our vision begins with this website.  We will be creating original blogs and videos, sharing content from sources that match our mission to spread the word and develop opportunities to connect in person to those that share our passion and build in them a desire to join us on our adventure.

Through these donations, we will be able to secure our first facility leasing, equipment, and operations funds needed to develop a 60-70 seat screening room.  Here we will display special screenings and presentations as well as hold various events and fundraisers. By leasing our own facility, we will not be dependent on the availability of third-party venues.

The lobby of the micro-museum will be our first exhibit area.  Interactive displays and artifacts destined for the full museum or on loan from traveling exhibitions will be put on display, on a rotating basis, as our inventory grows in preparation for the museum itself.

When not in use for specialty programming or events, the screening room will operate as a retro theater offering specially priced screenings of Classics, Modern Classic, Cult Films.

The micro-museum will also be the home of the Candy Rush: Coffee & Candy Counter. This stand-alone mini café will offer various specialty concessions and drinks.


Here the Cinema Society and the micro-Cinema move into their permanent home.  This larger facility will allow us to continue our ongoing mission but will add greater depth.

The Screening Room

The plan for the transition to the full museum will be to “pick up” the screening room and place it into its new home, with the same objectives and its role as a retro theater.

The Exhibit Hall

The lobby of the micro-museum now gives way to a full exhibit hall.

  • Expanded interactive exhibits
  • Expanded authentic screen-used props and costumes displays
  • Officially licensed replicas and replica settings
  • Expanded behind-the-scenes seminars and filmmaking demonstrations
  • Guided and self-guided tours

The WABAC Shop

We began this mission with the idea of bringing the tangible to the public by putting it on display, but we understand the joy of owning your own piece of the visual storytelling universe.  So we will have a memorabilia shop dedicated to:

  • Screen-used collectibles for sale
  • Officially licensed replicas
  • Officially licensed collectibles
  • Home video
  • Specialty books

The Candy Rush

The stand-alone cafe from the micro-cinema will also transfer to the full museum.  Just with our artifacts, the Candy Rush will expand and present their own dedicated specialty fare.


None of this is possible without the support and dedication of those that share our vision of the need for this kind of venue and the information we will provide.  Please join us as we begin the first steps on our journey.

Watch this page for updates – or subscribe to our newsletter – and follow along as we reach each new scene in our adventure.